About Me

Following is a bit about my educational background and the teachings that have been a major influence in my professional career and personal life.

I had studied spirituality and spiritual practices many years before I decided to go to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology.  In 1988 I graduated with a Masters Degree from Antioch University in Los Angeles. After three thousand hours of internship, I passed my licensing exam and received my Marriage and Family Therapist license in 1990. In hindsight I can say that seeking truth became my passion.  This journey led me down multiple paths of study and experience. My earliest education of spirituality was the writings of author/anthropologist, Carlos Castaneda and writer/storyteller, Richard Bach.  Both were instrumental in helping me open to the idea that there are many alternate realities.  I began to realize that with an open mind there are limitless possibilities.

Later I studied the esoteric wisdom of psychologist, educator and writer, Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), author of “Be Here Now”, “Grist for the Mill” and more recently, “Paths to God”.  Ram Dass has been a pioneer in examining and eloquently explaining profound eastern wisdom to a modern western audience. Bridging the mystery of eastern spirituality with our western beliefs and lifestyle, he offers us a deeper understanding of ourselves and new levels of meaning to our lives.

When we are in our integrity, the Indigenous cultures say we are in “our Sacred Hoop”.


For many years I have studied with Angeles Arrien, author, educator and anthropologist, who brilliantly bridges cultural anthropology, psychology and comparative religions.  In her book, the “Four Fold Way” Angeles explains that Indigenous cultures believe that each of us have special gifts and talents unlike any other person.  We each embody our own unique power and energy.  They call this notion “original medicine”.  When we are in our integrity, the Indigenous cultures say we are in “our Sacred Hoop”. (www.angelesarrien.com)

Over the years, I have also studied the work of author, scientist and visionary, Gregg Braden, whose findings bridge science and spirituality. (www.greggbraden.net). His focus is building a new wisdom through science joined with spirituality. He shares his knowledge of the science of prayer to bring healing to ourselves and our world.

Since 2006 my main teacher has been Sri Swami Kaleshwar (www.kaleshwar.org), a divine Indian master, teacher and holy man, who has passionately brought forth ancient spiritual wisdom to the western world for the purpose of healing and bringing peace to our planet. He urges his students to ask themselves “who am I”. When we know who we are and why we are here, we will be at peace with all that is. Swami wants our souls to be happy and asks us to embody the principles of Satya (truth), Dharma (right action), Shanti (peace) and Prema (love).

My Dharma is to assist in uplifting others and being of service to the planet.  I believe that we each have great power and wisdom with which we can heal ourselves and our world.